Mortgage in 16 Days @2.4%: A Timeline

Feb. 21: Application received. The first thing I did was review the contract. The funds were needed on March 1 and there was only a 7 day grace period! I immediately called the client and told him my feelings regarding the timeframe. “We had a disagreement with the seller which held things up. Do […]

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Mortgage in Israel: Saving $500,000

I wanted to share a recent deal we closed:

Apartment price: $4,470,000

Offer secured through a different broker:

Loan amount: 8,500,000 NIS or 50% LTV -appraisal subject to review

Rate: 4.41%

Life insurance: required

Conversion fee to USD: $25,000

Our offer:

Rate: 3.58%

Loan amount: $2,235,000 -no review of appraisal required

Life insurance: waived

Conversion fee: $0

Total savings over the life of the loan: +$500,000

One very […]

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Mortgage in Israel: Low interest rates = High mortgage rates?

When I saw my phone buzz at 5:30AM I knew it could only be one person. My client living in Singapore waiting to discuss a six million NIS approval was the only person who texts me at that time. Given than my wife had recently given birth to twins boys I happened to be […]

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The beginning of the end of the housing crisis?

The big news in Israeli real estate over the last decade has been the ever-increasing price of home ownership. Since May 2007 average home prices have risen by 108% while in areas such as Tel Aviv the rise has been even steeper. This has been attributed to increased demand due to factors including low […]

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“What’s the rate?”

As mortgage brokers, “What interest rate can you offer?” is the question we most commonly hear from our clients – and we can understand why. Prospective borrowers from most Western countries are accustomed to certain norms in the mortgage market such as financing only being offered in the local currency and standardized conditions amongst […]

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Top 5 mortgage tips and tricks

With the lack of transparency in the mortgage market in Israel one is likely to encounter misinformation and unnecessary “red-tape” when exploring financing options. As each of the banks in Israel have their own lending parameters we decided to share our favorite mortgage tips to make your home financing needs a reality:

1) No life […]

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Affordable Housing for All?

We have all heard it before: The price of apartments in Israel never seems to drop. Lately, Moshe Kahlon and Yoav Galant from the Kulanu party have staked their entire political reputation on increasing the affordability of apartments. Their solution: Mechir L’mishtaken, a program where the government auctions off land at a significant discount to developers willing […]

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3 Money-Saving Mortgage Strategies

1) Mix up your mortgage product term length: Fixed rate loans are cheaper the shorter the duration, while adjustable rate loans are typically the same rate – regardless of the term. If you plan to take a 20 year term comprising of both fixed and variable rates (short-term variable rate loans have no pre-payment penalty), take a […]

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Put your trust in property – but put your property in trust

The (slightly misquoted) saying of Oliver Wendell Holmes in the headline precisely reflects the opportunity afforded to foreigners who are buying properties in Israel, which is due to the mini-reform of the trust legislation in this country. But what is a trust, and why would you need one to buy a home in Israel?
A […]

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“Mr. Fischer: Let the people refinance”

An economic slowdown in Israel combined with a steadily appreciating Shekel have prompted the Bank of Israel to lower interest rates four times in the last twelve months in an attempt to stimulate the economy and weaken the Shekel. However, the Bank of Israel has clearly stated that the moves are not intended […]

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